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Welcome to Camp Hollow, a place of fun and adventure!

Comic Update

by waterlilyhighwc1 on 7th Nov 2020, 3:18 PM
Sorry for not updating any new pages, I haven't been able to get any new pages done at the moment. I've been too busy working on my main comic Water Lily High ​​​​​​. No I'm not abandoning this comic, I'm just focused on getting my main comic out there, and this comic is just as important as Water Lily High, (especially since this is the prequel to WLH).

I'm also trying to figure out the next page for this comic, I have a script in the works right now, but before I just draw the panels and such, I wanna make sure I actually like the idea first.

I'm hoping to get at least another page up before late December, but I can't make any promises.

I hope this was a good explanation for no new pages, I'm not very good at writing long posts, and I really am sorry for not updating in months. I do hope y'all have a wonderful day or night or whatever time of day is where you are. <3